SUSE Linux Enterprise Server


Install supportconfig on SLES11 SP2

Add package repository:

zypper ar -f supportconfig

For SLES11 SP1 replace SLE_11_SP2 with SLE_11_SP1, for SLES10 replace it with SLE_10.

Install the updater:

zypper in supportutils-plugin-updater

Verify the key and decide if you want to trust it.

Run updateSupportutils which installs supportconfig.


Submit supportconfig to NTS.

supportconfig -ur SRNUMBERHERE

More information about supportconfig here:

Collecting logs for NetIQ tech support issues


For details on supportconfig and Zypper execute man supportconfig and man zypper.


Register SLES

suse_register -a email=<Email Address> -a regcode-sles=<SLESactivation-key> -L /root/.suse_register.log

Register SLES and OES

suse_register -a email=<Email Address> -a regcode-sles=<SLESactivation-key> -a regcode-oes=<OES-activation-key> -L /root/.suse_register.log 

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